Popular Toy Robots

There are human-like robotic toys - normally bipedal. Rrobotic dog toys exist, as well as everything else you can possibly imagine. A human-like robotic toy is the Robosapien from WowWee. While the most notable robotic dog is without doubt the AIBO from Sony, and it is a pity it was discontinued.

AIBO-The Robotic Dog By Sony

Aibo toy robotSony is a leading company when it concerns research in newer technologies, more so in the field of robotics and digital systems. It is no wonder the company's Artificial Intelligence Robot - the AIBO which sounds like 'pal' in Japanese - has been a great success. This robotic dog was introduced by Sony on 11 May, 1999 and has since assembled a cult in the last couple of years. The initial design of the AIBO were prepared by a Japanese artist called Hajime Sorayama. This evolutionary design work was carried out by Sony industrial designers in house. The manufacturing of AIBO stopped in 2006 in a strabge effort to make Sony more profitable although it was widely liked. The support for the AIBO will continue until 2013 by Sone, though only for ERS7 models.

A robotic dog is certainly a revolutionary device. What has made it special is not simply the fact the robotic dog can see its surroundings with a built-in camera but also it can use its data gathered by the camera to walk around your house. Thanks to its advanced artificial intelligence algorithm programmed in the AIBO, it can judge its surrounding at a very speedy pace. It is a fact that AIBO doesn’t need an active human control to move in random spaces with a random manner and qualifies it as autonomous.

Another key trait of AIBO is it has a microphone installed in the ears that allows it to record and interpret any specific commands given in Spanish or English. The robot has also the ability to learn from and interpret external symbols and stimuli. It is the ability of thus robotic dog to evolve and learn by taking cues from the external stimuli which has helped scientists take extreme steps in the area of both 'intelligent' artificial intelligence and advanced robotics. The fact the AIBO has a massive potential meant Sony released the whole AIBO Software Development Environment for non-commercial users. Using that, a number of people reprogramme ther dogs in order to 'teach' them a fer new tricks.

In addition to tat, Sony has released AIBOware as well, which is a special software that allows your dog to change from a small 'puppy' to the mature 'dog'. AIBOware functions from a special pink colored memory stick that allows it to store as much as 100 voice commands. It also allows the Aibo to recognize the charging station and use it when it’s low on battery, which allows it to 'feed' for all purposes.

Even though this product has been stopped, Sony has promised the Aibo technology is to be used in the upcoming products.

WowWee Robosapien

robosapienRobosapien is a human-like robot from the highly renowned WowWee robotics company.

RoboSapien is a toy biomorphic robot created by Mark Tilden, but produced in Wow Wee Toys. RoboSapien is preprogrammed to move, and can also be controlled by infrared remote controls included with this toy, alternatively. by either the personal computer fitted with an infrared transmitter, or an infrared transmitter-equipped PDA. It, as the adt for it claims, is "The robot which thinks it is a human!". This toy is able to walk without recourse to its wheels in its feet. It’s also able to hold objects with both of its hands and is capable of throwing grasped objects with force. It has small loudspeaker units, which broadcast several different vocalizations, which all appear to be a recording of a human man pretending to be sound like a great ape, a gorilla, for example. Or it could belch or fart very loudly.

The remote control unit of the toy has 21 different buttons in total. With the aid of two shift ones, you could access a huge total of sixty-seven different robot-executable commands.

WowWee Femisapien

femisapienWowWee’s Femisapien is the logical and highly unique addition to the humanoid robot toy cluster. By creating the robot person at wowwee have finally managed to obtain promising results. Its features, looks and other things create a feeling of a real feminine being.

Some institutions position the robot as being created for adult audience. Thankfully, this is completely wrong. The official manual says that the creation is intended for age groups of 8 and above. Of course, some people perceive it as a perverted object. Well, it is no more perverted than barbies.

You might have heard about the female robot, as well - SEGA EMA. Do not be confused if you come across it, it is completely real. It is basically the same thing and everything is legal. SEGA bought the license on wowwee’s femisapien and now they can make and sell it.

You re interested in finding out what it can do? This robot has 56 functions – for example, dancing to music, walking next to you, talking with you or another robot and a lot others.It has further 59 hidden functions which have to be explored. There are 3 function modes. These are namely attentive, learning and responsive mode. You can choose between the modes by tilting the robot’s head. When it is tilted down, your femisapien stays in her learning mode, while tilted up she is in attentive mode. If she is looking forward, she is in a responsive mode.
Responsive mode is the main walking mode. While she is in the mode, many walking functions combined with some comedy routines could be accessed. Her attentive mode, on the other hand, is meant for a fruitful interaction with you. While in the mode functions like "dance with me", many others could be accessed.
The learning mode varies from the above mentioned modes because in the mode you could program a new routine. Different preprogrammes and a custom movement can be ordered in any sequence you want.
That is why this is a fantastic piece of engineering. Its mechanics are truly ingenious, so as a result Femisapien has a truly feminine gait, as well as being quite an agile and really dancing robot. It is one of the commercially available robots which really dance. The level of its artificial intelligence is notable.

Despite the mentioned 56 known and 59 hidden functions, operating the robot is not a pain. Maybe it would have been so in the case of a control with many different levels of "shift". However, wowwee had another ingenious idea for the robot.
The femisapien is controlled without using a remote. Just like switching her modes was done through tilting the head, wowwee thought that was not enough. Her hands are used as joysticks. Ther hands could be pushed in all four directions.
Different combinations of the hand positions initiate different routines and functions in the different function modes. That way you can fully interact with this robot. Literally the robot and not with its remote. Also, she responds to sounds and hand gestures. In some modes, the robot makes use of sensors and interacts with her environment as well. Some people think that type of control is not convenient. If you share that opinion, there are some great news. She is also controlled with robosapien's remote control which can be purchased separately.

Femisapien is not a good walker as she walks well on only hard and level surfaces. Also, it is unwise to let the robot wander alone on a table as she has no edge detection and she could fall off it. However, Femisapien has an impressive dancing ability with many features for exploration. Chances are no one is going tol be bored by it despite their age. It is a fun toy with which play and could be quite useful if abilities like business card presentation are utilised. An interactive Barbie is a crude comparison.